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Just to be sure I wasn’t measuring parts that were unrepresentative, I measured once more with a spare KBDfans slider and the broken Novatouch slider I mentioned in the build log (my reluctance to throw away perfectly good plastic pays off once in a while). Consistent results:


That’s awesome, thanks for the measurements !


Oh and an extra question popped in my head !

Could you please measure the original topre slider dimension as well ? :slight_smile:

I know for sure that original topre slider has more wobble than the Novatouch ones, I had a stock board and a novatouched one side by side.

I’m curious how they are comparing with KBDFans mx sliders …


Geez, i wish i was a new member like you


I don’t have any original Topre sliders handy at the moment, but hope to rectify that soon. I’ll take measurements once I have them.


Seems that stock ones are 8.3mm in outer diameter, and the Niz ones 8.21