KBDcraft Adam 60% with a gasket mount LEGO case, QMK/VIAL, hot swappable, RGBs, POM plate & Poron


In case you’ve never heard of KBDcraft. We’re a young team from Shanghai that innovates Electronics based on available bricks for fun and daily use. Our Website

We Just launched our first product 3 weeks ago, a 64-key mechanical keyboard with a brick-built case and full features on board, calls Adam. The price starts from $59.99.

The 64 layout with arrow keys in the framework of 60% is quite popular in Asia. It has however a 2U shift, which isn’t always accessible. Therefore we offered pre-lubed switches and caps within the Full kit to make it an easy build.

There are some unbox and reviews on Youtube and TikTok you guys may check out!

Let us know what you think.


I can’t get your site to load on my phone for some reason, but I was able to see the build video on TikTok, and it looks neat!

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Looks really interesting. I actually prefer the 60% layout with arrows and the 2u shift, and I don’t think I’ve seen a hotswap board that offers that before. I ordered one of the barebones kits (no switches or keycaps). Apparently you can get free shipping (even “express” shipping) using the code GETKBDCRAFT

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Love the idea, good work. The corners sticking out on the base plate is the only issue for me. Why’s it called ‘Adam’? also, what’s modular about it?

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Thank you! Fix the corners with a nail clipper:) We tried and it looks good. But we still love the imperfections using available lego pieces. The world doesn’t need another injection tool.
It was called Adam because we planned 12 models and wanted to name them after the 12 Angels from the EVA story. Modular is obviously possible through reconstruction of the brick-built case. Imagine when we have a 64 mainboard and a 17 numpad, we can merge them together in any possible manner. People will slowly get to know what KBDcraft is doing.


I love the idea of slowly adding modules thanks to the LEGO assembly style. Wondering if this means we can eventually build a ridiculous LEGO battleship keyboard. :smiley:

Yes, you see exactly the initial vision that we have. We follow the philosophy of “No one brick is redundant”, while the user may do anything they want. The Core64 is basically a piece of puzzle that can fit the cases of later development.

Fun, bought, looking forward to slowly building a crazy layout over some years. :wink:

Btw, do you guys plan to list the LEGO part numbers anywhere, in case someone wants to buy LEGO pieces themselves to change the colours?



Lego and VIAL support out of the box, I love you guys right away. I dont think I cant live without that, especially for that price.

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Very nice. The Lego store makes finding accent pieces really easy, too.

I love the idea and price of this kit, but I won’t be buying it because of the layout. I prefer Tsangan layout bottom row with split right shift. I don’t have any need for arrows on 60% as long as the right shift is split.

Any chance you’ll offer additional plate layouts in the future?

Oh, I just realized that the PCB is custom. The USB placement is shifted to the right. Hmm… so you would have to redesign the PCB as well to offer another layout.

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You might be able to use a different PCB and adjust the USB hole in the case to match by swapping where the blocks go.


I went ahead and ordered a kit. I don’t know that I’ll like the layout, but I’m going to give it a shot.

It will be fun to dig through the thousands of legos from my son’s old collection to see what accents I can add. Also, I’ll have to be on the lookout for some unique minifigs.

you know how much I like @keyboardman works. I was hoping he was going to make a keyboard as well.


We’ve noticed your wish, which is also shared by many people. We’re unable to put all attention on the different variations within the 60% framework. There are still too many puzzles that need to be filled by us. We’re focusing on the 65% and Numpad right now. Do you guys want to see the Adam version of the Apple M0110A?

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Well, of course we do :slight_smile:

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Then you got the first half now!

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Oh, that is interesting. Love the idea of addons/upgrades!

Some Japanese customers have made their O-ring mount OLSK x Adam with a few more bricks. Check it out!


Mine shipped today, cant wait to try it out. I hope it arrives before I´m out for 2 weeks and unable to test then.

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I received mine yesterday, I love it. I do have one question:

Is it possible to type tilde (~)?

Fn-ESC types backtick (`).

I thought Fn-Shift-ESC would type tilde, but it still types backtick (`).

Do I need to make changes in the QMK firmware? Thanks.

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