Looking for an orange switch


While I am still totally swamped with other work, I am planning some keyboard-builds for the free time that hopefully is coming after christmas… Fingers crossed.

I am wondering if there are switches with an all-orange housing?

This would be primarily for some kind of a theme-build, so the switch characteristics are not the first priority. 5-pin would be perfect, but 3-pin would be ok as well.

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C3 Tangerines?


Haha, how was that not the first thing on my mind :sweat_smile:


Ohhh… they would be perfect. Thanks!

The only problem seems to be where to get them…
EDIT: found some :wink:


There’s also Gateron Orange, but Tangerines are probably a better switch.

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I have a bag of slightly used Healios lying around which I bought cheap a while ago.
The previous owner used them in a hotswap keyboard, and he was not kind to some of the housings. Thats why I never used them for anything.

I am wondering if i give it a shot with Healios stems in Tangerine housings.

All-orange silent linear.

There’s also the Tecsee Carrot

Prevailkeys epsilon if you can get them

Thekey.comany went out of stock a couple of days ago. But keygem has both variants still in stock. Not sure where they ship, though.

I ordered them from keygem, they have been shipped already and should arrive in a couple of days.

It’s a pity I won’t have time for building before at least christmas.

TTC Gold Brown V2 and I think V3 have orange-yellow / orange-white housings, but a brown stem.

After I got my Tangerines, I tried that.
And it makes a horrible frankenswitch. :nauseated_face:

I really hoped that it would work, because this combination would have the perfect looks for my theme build, but I can’t stand the feel of this frankenswitch.

The first press on that frankenswitch feels quite close to the stick-and-slip effect, but only close.
It would be very odd since the housing and the stem are of different materials, and both the original Tangerine stem and the Healios stem are made of POM anyway.
That “almost-like-stick-and-slip”-feeling stays the same even after lubing.

Strangly it’s only the first press after the switch has not been pressed for a minute or so.

Took me a while to figure out the cause, but I believe I found the culprit.

The upper dampener of the Healios stem only just about fits in gable-like shape in the upper housing of the Tangerines.
If you continuosly press the key it feels ok, but if you give it some time, the dampener slightly wedges/james itself in that gable-like shape.
I believe this is the cause for the strange “almost-like-stick-and-slip”-feeling.

A pity, really…

Maybe I try lubing the gable-shape and see if that helps…

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Sounds like you are describing the sticky nature of Gateron silent stems. When they sit for a while, the rubber dampening material actually sticks to the top housing. I dislike it with my Gateron silent yellow switches.

V1 tangerines have an orange stem that isn’t silenced. V1 were made by Gateron, but they are harder to find since they are no longer made.

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Yes, I thought about that too. I have read several posts about sticky Gateron silent stems, interestingly my daily driver with Zilents doesn’t show that effect.

Since it’s “just” for a theme build it’s not to big of an issue, but still… Would be nice to find orange stems as well.

Gateron Orange is hands-down the cheapest way to find orange stems.

The stems work well in T1 housings. So if you find an orange-ish T1 housing, like maybe Amber T1, you will have rich and sophisticated orange colours.

Use a 60 G 16mm TX (L) spring or any 62 G for this combination, and it brings you an interesting sort of Ergo Clear.

You don’t even need to lube it, except that T1 housing and 60 G (L) spring is kind of loud and bad-sounding, so you’ll want to lube the housing, at least.

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These could have been useful, as well:

I’ve read a lot about Gateron Oranges, but I can’t find a place where I could buy them.

In a few days I’ll try some Gateron Yellow stems in the Tangerine housings to see how I like that combination.

Oh, my thinking is months out-of-date on this. I just checked where I got them from, the AKKO international store, and they are sold out:

Back in the summer, I bought 2-3 sets as it was $13 or less per 45.

They’re pre-lubed, which is kinda dodgy since it’s basically a Gateron Brown stem. Feels kinda like Durock Medium Tactile if you put a Gateron Orange stem in a T1 housing at 60-62 G.

Looks like Gateron Orange is off the table for now.


Bumping this thread again…

I am experimenting with the Tecsee Corals and the Tangerines, and it seems that there might be a decent frankenswitch in it :wink: Just waiting for some springs…

But I am wondering:

Does anyone have both Tangerines and Prevail Epsilons and could tell me something about their bottom housings?

I would like to find out if the housing of the Epsilons allows for a longer stem travel than the Tangerines’ housing.


My Epsilons aren’t in yet, but since both are made by JWK I’d be surprised if there was much difference in the tube depth. I’ll give it a look when they get in, though!