MOMOKA Frog Switches

Looks like Dorp has made these available:


Looks like these are meant to be extra-stable, factory-smooth, slow-curve linears. Nothing groundbreaking per-se, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a switch execute this well from the factory.

@Reimu64 I remember you got some of these for review not too long ago - I look forward to your thoughts on them!


ThocKeys has these as well, for folks who want to avoid Dorp.


Who in the world are these made by? They ain’t TTC, and I’m fairly certain Outemu hasn’t gotten into the low-end-high-end switch market under non-Heroin Robert brands.

EDIT: This text wall explains they’re all new, but I gotta wonder how brand new switches that promise so much turn out.

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Here it is from the horses mouth:

They claim they are the manufacturer. Also, I’m perplexed by this brilliant scrap of prose:

" We modified the bottom part of the Stem to provide a thick and muffled sound, which further extends the touch signature of confirmation."

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They actually sound pretty good, which surprised me for sure. Might end up getting a pack o’ these for my plate-mount-only hotswaps, especially since I am slowly growing sick of the TTC Gold V2s I have. So basically I’m going from a TTC linear to a linear that looks suspiciously like a TTC linear but isn’t.

Yes, I thought they sounded pretty nice, too.

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Hmmmm I am interested to see how these stack-up against the Water Kings…

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im almost curious enough to try these :thinking: might wait for some reviews or something

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They really do sound and look like TTC switches, lol. It’s not identical, but the “swell” in the top housing for the led looks like a similar design as well.

Growing sick of due to a lack of variety or for particular quibbles with the switches that have developed over time?

We made this switch because we are pretty tired of the homogeneous feelings of switches of the current manufacturers

And obviously the solution is… to release another linear :roll_eyes:

I guess I’d rather take this than another JWK recolor


Forgive my bad English.

Actually it just means that the switch makes a thick sound during use.


We made this, as a new entry to the market. Started from zero.


In your opinion, what would you say separates your switch the most from other linear switch competitors?


Frankly speaking, the market is filled with homogeneous MX switches. I would have to admin that we are still making homogenous products.

However, we made these special:

  1. This switch has a longer actuation distance, which provides a thicker feeling and prevents typos.

  2. This switch is lubed in factory with GPL105, ready to use.

  3. We have to say that we controlled the tolerance between parts (stem, base, upper housing) to a extremely low level, times better than other factories. This brings shocking stability.

It is hard to achieve both stability (lower tolerance brings more friction) and smoothness (needs less friction).


Welcome to Keebtalk! Happy to have you here :wave:


Thank you so much for your answer. The longer actuation distance is interesting. Most switches have actuation at approx. 2mm and bottom out at approx 4mm, but it looks like your team went with 2.5mm actuation and 3.7mm bottom out. This decreases the post actuation distance from 2mm to 1.2mm which is a big difference

I’ll keep my eyes out for this switch :eyes: .


I might order some to make my own force curve graphs to compare against the one they posted on their website


I just got my order in the mail! I have them loaded into a stock V3 preonic and these are really nice. I usually bag lube my other linear switches but went with the stock lube on these and it does feel really smooth, very little wobble and a nice sound. I have a ton of board with linears, and these hold up against gat ink blacks/yellows, creams, marshmellows, mauves, etc!

They came in a sweet box as well, with each switch in its own little tray. Really nice packaging for switches. I am not usually a huge fan of plate mount 3-pin switches, but I will be using them in a GK6 kit which doesn’t support 5 pin switches :slight_smile:

Also, go checkout the GK6 group buy running right now, super cool looking 5x12 ortho board.


It’s a dilemma, for me, as a manufacturer, and also for all manufacturers.

The current market structure and generally used MX standard, and innovations are really hard to make under the limitations of the standard.

Innovation costs, for example, a brand new set of molding tool (about 6 parts) for a switch costs 100k USD. Making new and fancy stuff that doesn’t comply with the standards may cause huge loss.

When manufacturers are big enough in capital to make innovations, they make some, for example, light-sensed actuation switches. But because lacking the ability to promote and advertise, it is hard for the innovations to be implemented to the market.