NCR 80 plastic kit

I wonder how the hotswap works. You mean to tell me that not a single hotswap arm touches the bottom supports on the case?

I guess that’s just good engineering. Color me impressed. I’m going to go with the gray version. If it comes all gray that’s good. Two tone is fine as well. Can’t decide between hotswap and solder. I do like the idea of hotswap though.

Mine just arrived in the mail. Gray R1 soldered version.

Personally, I like the R1 Gray. But the R2 colours are okay, agree that two-tone look on the silver may not be ideal.

R3 could be interesting. TKL layouts, not just WKL, maybe they will offer all 3 colours. [Maybe you could mix-and-match top and bottom housings, but I dream…]

Still trying to figure out which switch would be ideal for the ‘plateless’ soldered NCR-80 here. I want to go the light tactile route. I think L + F SP Star Meteor Orange could be ideal, even though I was saving them for the HMKB.

I also have medium-weight Ergo Clears available [but would prefer light-weight on an NCR-80], and Zealio V1 on the way.


Breaking-in with CRP:

[Accents are from ePBT Spectrum]


very nice pairing! Still wish I owned a CRP set, but I’m not willing to pay reddit prices. ha. Surely another round on Drop one day.

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Yes, R3 or R4 is being delivered around the end of the year. Too bad the non-GB orders will be aftermarket…

But I know they are itching to start a new GB ASAP.

CRP in general goes well with the NCR-80, and I’ve seen all sorts of CRP on these boards. I think Honeywell [with green or cyan accents] would work well, 9009 does, and likely Solarized Dark.

Botanical might work, but I’m not a huge fan of that set.

When the next round goes, I’d go with Syrup Labs (CA) if they’re offering it again. R4 was the same price from syrup shipped to US, and none of the Drop shenanigans.

I’d also keep your eyes open for they upcoming RGB mods gb they’re offering.


Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind