Post Your Keyboards!

Original Portico

  • DCX Hyperfuse
  • FR4 plate
  • Equalz V2 stabs (POM)
  • Akko Haze Pinks*

*This is my main switch-testing keyboard; these Akko silents are just what happen to be in at the moment.

Hyperfuse has always reminded me of school supplies and toys from the 90’s. I had a calculator and an off-brand Lego space set that both used colors like these.

I really love the Portico - but some of those foam pads are disintegrating. I have one extra set I’ll be installing soon, but it would be cool if I had some in other materials. See, this is why I need a laser cutter

The legends don’t look as thin to me in-person as they did in the renders / marketing photos. This set also features the updated Shift legends as well as a few other small improvements over the first wave of DCX caps.

I felt like Taro was the perfect keyset for this case, but I think I like this even more.


The first GMK set I bought was the OG Hyperfuse because it reminded me of my bike from the 90s, and G1 deceptacons. I own the OG, Hyperfuse origins, and Hyperfuse remix. I guess I need this set too :joy:



I’m not hearting just because you caught the Conic disease of not liking a full HiPro homing row. :wink:


Gets in the way of gaming :smiling_face_with_tear:


I can’t stand six-key homing row. It’s why my OEM HiPro HHKB collects dust while my Idea23 resin caps get typed on.

I know! It’s the Conic disease.

I kid but I remember having that discussion a few times on that server.

I loved the hipro homing so much I try to find the MT3 sets with an eight-key homing row! (there’s only 2 so far that I’m aware of).

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Hi can I just ask what keycaps are on the 1st keyboard?

I believe that is GMK Phantom

It is indeed GMK Phantom

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Just did a little refresh of my regular boards.

Ortho Candybar:

  • GMK Dots (Light Rainbow + Light Nomad + a couple from the Base kit give just enough coverage)
  • Thick PP plate from P3D
  • Rosélios on the 6 outer columns on each side; Pearlios in the middle cluster


  • Bubinga case
  • RAMA Grid
  • Copper plate
  • Pearlios

That top one looks AMAZING but incredibly intimidating! I don’t even know where to put my hands. :rofl:

Martingale x After-School


The original IBM PC Keyboard, the Model “F/XT”. I needed to take some updated photos for my wiki, and here they are.


Ah, the Model F. Still one my favourite keyboards ever made. These things are absolute tanks!

Jris65 Build Info
  • Titanium Gray w/ Chroma SS weight
  • Hotswap PCB
  • PCB foam
  • Plate foam
  • FR4 plate
  • TX ver. 3 Stabs (Long pole version on spacebar)
  • Bolsa Zakus (alphas)
  • Cthulhu Frankenswitches (num + mods)
  • Black Cherry Pie Frankenswitch (spacebar)
  • Domikey Miami Nights keycaps (triple-shot ABS)
  • THOK Titanium Sunset artisan

More Glamor Shots 😉


Finally got around to building my Thermal + & I’m in love with it! The typing feel is almost perfect, it really doesn’t have much give to it but has just enough to give a soft yet solid typing feel if that makes sense. Then it also sounds great without any foams or sound dampening. Overall I’d say Wilba crushed it with this design! I went with L+F New Nixies & TX stabs for this one, then topped it off with GMK Colorchrome for now. I love how the plate color peeks through the grills, just wish they offered more colors for it. I think a red or yellow peeking through the grills would be awesome. I believe Wilba put the plate files up on his Discord server, gonna have to see what materials he recommends & says to stay away from with the leaf spring design. I’d definitely like to have a few more made for mine!
Edit: Had to add a pic of it with Dolch!


Cherry Blacks


Finally (maybe) settled on a keycap layout since these Mint Navy keycaps don’t have an R2 1.5U Backspace. Certainly looks weird and potentially worse than just having a navy |\ key but I’ll try this for a while.

Mostly just jazzed about a new wrist-rest in from Wanted to match with the beach/ocean theme of the keyboard and I think they nailed it. Sent them the dims and they matched the front width and height of the keyboard perfectly.

Nazare 1-60
GMK Godspeed / Mintcaps Navy wristrest