Post Your Keyboards!


Got the novelties today and finished up the macropad. This is one of my favorite keyboards ever!


I really like this color way. Slate goes with a lot of colors. I ended up using from accents from ePBT grayscale which also look really good.

What set are those from?


Finally completed my DC60 with lubed MX Zilents, a steel plate, and DSA Modern Hylian :slight_smile:


Yes, Slate is very versatile. The accents are from the ePBT 9009 set. :blush:


Norbatouch case round Pi with aperture finish and CM Masterkeys Pro S RGB innards with ePBT Slate caps and YOK holy pandas.


ALPS64, FR4 AEK plate, SKCM Browns, landing pads installed on plate for all stab locations, stabs lubed with EK mechlube 2, AEK caps, Godspeed Vader Keybuto III (thanks to a Nexus slider & top housing), & 5 degree case with sorbothane at the bottom.

I found that the typing experience with this setup in my ADK64 was too flexy. I didn’t realize it before that, but I believe ALPS switches need a very stiff & sturdy plate/case to feel their best. This build feels a good bit better to me the way it is now. Also I found out having landing pads for ALPS stabilizers helps tremendously with their sound, no more sound of plastic slamming off the plate! Although you do have to use a pretty thin material for the landing pads or they could affect key travel. I used some self adhering 1mm thick cork anti slip pads that I cut to size which are working great so far!



Tell me more about that numpad/macropad :eyes:


It is a Honeycomb macropad from Rotary encoder knob is a solid alloy guitar knob. PCB is hot swap with lubed Tealios v2’s, and 3D printed case, using 100% infill to add weight.


I like what you did with the delete key. Having a delete key on r2 instead of r1 is my biggest hangup with HHKB layout. Never thought to just have a 1u delete key at the top


That is actually backspace on default and delete on the FN1 layer. Base kit didn’t come with a 1u backspace key unfortunately.


New build complete


Nice board but also really like the pen!


Thanks, I have a bit of a pen problem as well.
This one is just a simple ballpoint, but the company also makes some nice roller balls and fountain pens with Schmidt nibs. Their name is Ystudio, and they’re most easily bought through Kohezi.


Really enjoy the look and functionality of the board lol. I also REALLY like that pen!


This wood keyboard is gorgeous!
Did you made it yourself?


I designed the case but I haven’t had access to a good woodshop in a while so I had it handmade by Justin from Jcraftcustomcreations (you can find all of his work on his subreddit). The wooden spacebar was made by Mountainblocks.


This guy job is impressive!
Seems the last keyboard he made was yours :wink:


The pen holder is absolutely wonderful on that board!