Things that make us go... hmmm

Revising my previous statement: I appreciate you throwing your change purse onto the firecracker. :laughing:


I got 25 of them from switchoddities cause we did a small “gb” (i guess?) For the 100 pack of them. Goat got some, switch.riiport got some and then me and switch oddities got the rest lol


Pics of 20% board when? :wink:


What do we all think of JUNE (IN PRODUCTION) – HIBI Design?

I kind of tempted to get one just cause it is weird and the price is right, but I think of some of my kids’ toys that are like silcone squishy animals. They attract lint and dirt like crazy. Easy to wash them off, but it would still be a regular chore you would have to do.


Oh man. I bet that sounds and feels amazing… but yeah. My house is way too dusty for that life.

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Small sound test here. I was thinking it would be a fun board for in the office.


No shade - it just looks like a backwards caricature of my home state. :stuck_out_tongue:


I showed it to my partner and she said “It’s Tennessee!”


It looks a whole lot like an NK BOX Cream - just a hair lighter on the spring. No clue whatsoever why they are so expensive, and not seeing a lot of info about them anywhere yet. As far as I can tell they seem to be another all-pom cylindrical-shroud BOX switch with no dampening - a great, direction-agnostic configuration - but again no clue why so pricy.


I think I’ll pass.


Tipping has got out of hand here in America post-COVID I feel like. I need to re-train my habits. However a lot of stores have those tablets with built in tip percentages now.

I get why stores do it, but I also don’t like it. And it is interesting how some stores choose different default percentages, and the order of said percentages. I basically have to play tip whack-a-mole everytime I check out.

Also! If I am at the coffee shop and I buy a bag of beans and a cup of coffee, the tip percentage should not calculate the bag of beans! Too many times have I accidentally tipped like 6$ cause I wasn’t paying attention.


Tip culture needs to die, if companies can’t afford to pay their employees at least minimum F’n wage they should not be operating. A tip should be just that, an extra bit for exceptional service. Not something someone needs to rely on for a proper pay. Also all to often the tips don’t even go to the employee that caused you to tip. They either will get split evenly between the staff or just go straight to the owners. Restaurants are the only places I will ever regularly tip, just for the fact I know those poor waiter/waitresses rely on tips to make up for the fact the get paid like $5 per hr or less. Don’t get me wrong I am not against slipping someone an extra $5 to $20 if they did an excellent job for me or went above & beyond their job duties to help me. But tipping KBDfans for picking your order, packing, & shipping it. When I full well know it’s not gonna go to the regular employees… GTFO here with that noise.


The tip menu on the KBDFans site is just built into the platform they use by default. I’ve seen it on several random vendor sites lately where it doesn’t make sense. One of them was the website where I sign up to have my cat boarded. Of course, they could and should turn it off… but they have chosen not to.


I think you’re already showing plenty of support with your purchase. This feels more like a shakedown.


I grew up in Northwest Arkansas. Tornadoes were fairly common. We would hunker down in our basements at least twice a year.

We moved to Western Tennessee. The tornado activity has certainly change in the past few years. Tornadoes during pretty much every season of the year except in the hottest summer weather.

I remember when we first moved here I told my Real Estate agent that we definitely needed a house with a basement for tornado shelter. Like I said, tornadoes were pretty common throughout my life, and I always had the peace of mind that there was a fairly solid shelter in the basement. If something was to carry my house away, at least I might survive in the basement to see another day :slight_smile:

Well, my agent looked at me with a bit of confusion and said “well, we don’t really have homes with basements here.” RIP Apparently the ground is too saturated in this area of the state to be able to build a water tight basement. And I believe it, too. My yard feels like a grass covered bean bag about 80% of the year. Squish squish.

So, yeah. I live in tornado alley with no tornado shelter. Imagine a million+ people just thinking “well… what can ya do?” Hmmmm

And people just shrug this one off. Kinda crazy thinking. But we go into our innermost bathroom about 4-5 times a year as the sirens go off and hope for the best :man_shrugging:

Also 4/5 risk for extreme tornadoes tonight for my location. Wish me luck :four_leaf_clover:


Ey, was gonna say “howdy, neighbor” and then I realized Tennessee is long like a 10u space bar; it takes like four hours to get from the middle of the state to either end.

Facts, same here. If a tornado comes, it’s bathtub time. :stuck_out_tongue:

The swampy soil is part of why I bought a lightweight electric mower. Every time it rains the moles immediately come up to avoid drowning - which of course only makes the soil more soft and lumpy.


Upgraded to a 5/5 from NOAA. “Once in a lifetime storm event.” If only I had a basement. Hmmm

Cross your fingers and toes, kids.


Yeah, I’m in middle TN. I’ve been watching NashSevereWx’s twitter for updates on the looming danger avocado. It’s always at night too.

Anyway, as for things that make us go …hmmm, I would like to nominate GMK’s recent color matching. It’s hard for me to know if its really GMK or a lazy runner. Either way, GMK Nord isn’t looking great after some number of rounds of color matching.

From Geekhack this morning:

The original design:

And I am sad now.


There’s no way that’s Nord. Good golly.


I could see how lighting may be an issue with the Geekhack photo for overall color balance, but the contrast between the alphas and modifiers seems way off. I don’t think color correction or contrast correction would rectify that.