TTC Bluish White (and its weird spring)

Well, if u really want to get rid of it then drill / cut from the bottom :upside_down_face:

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here is my unsolicited opinion. i love them! they are so fun to type on. I did lube them, so the returns are a lot more muted. I much prefer them over boba u4. ok maybe they are not apple to apple, but I think the sound level is totally tolerable in an office setting.

also, I lubed half of mine with 502g0, and half with 3203, somehow they all feel pretty much the same. which is more than I can say about the silent blacks I lubed with 502g0


I know this is basically almost necro-posting, but I thought I could add something to the conversation. TTC is actually like the durock of China. Only God knows how many ttc recolors the Chinese have done at this point.

TTC is incredibly big there. It’s almost impossible (usually speed silvers, gold pinks or aces) to find a board there that hasn’t been touched by a TTC switch at some point in its life.

They even developed their own low profile switch with the studio that made the pitta60 aka slim60 in the Chinese gb (case looks like an iPhone 7 or 8 tbh. Kbdfans keeps the gb keycaps made for this board in stock btw)

Durock, on the other hand, is pretty hard to come by. People are still practically stuck on alpaca v1s.

Everglide(江湾) and c3 equalz are the ubiquitous stabs there as far as I can tell. Mostly because the Chinese just refer to them based on their version no. most of the time.

Lastly, Ttc has a lot of weirdly named switches tbh. Ttc hello, ttc brother, ttc npr, ttc hey, ttc Vatican, etc. Etc. Those are the only ones I could remember off the top of my head… There were loads more.


That’s actually really interesting as far as I’m concerned.

I’d love to see more of TTC’s quirky and/or interesting stuff make the trip overseas. I think we’ve had maybe one US-facing group buy for ACEs, and I’ve seen the HEYs on KBDfans, but we mostly get the less interesting stuff with color or (gasp) hyphenated color names.

Ha, I get at least some of those wouldn’t fly in the West because of differing copyright laws and whatnot, but now I’m curious what NPR and Vatican switches are all about.

The first few TTCs I tried underwhelmed me, but pretty much everything from the Bluish White forward has been a pleasant surprise in context of those early duds - and at this point, I expect good things from them. I’ve tried more TTCs that I like than those that I don’t - typing on some right now, in fact. (Wilds)

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Most of the ones I listed are newer TTC since most feature that led diffuser. Also, correction on ttc npr… It’s actually ttc NCR (designed by Ace of TTC ace). Fair warning, the TTC NCR is unintentionally a…uuhhh…clicky? Linear. Might’ve been a bad batch, but I felt like it was only fair to put this out there.

Vatican is still being sold too afaik. It looks like an older switch though. I did a bit more digging and the Vatican seems to be a switch that feker “rebrands” from TTC…at least I think so. So I could make the case that ttc is responsible for a number of feker switches too.

I think there’s a Russian(?) guy on youtube who did sound tests of a few of those I named.

Many of the older/oldest TTCs have chinese names, and are EOL afaik.

That aside, I’d like to get your impressions on those TTC wilds since I have the ttc aces (soldered stock) myself, and having read your posts on the Aces recently…i can only assume our taste in linears is pretty similar.

So how do the wilds compare against the aces?

Addendum: I edit way too much. Get too conscious about my grammar in English so sorry about that.


Curious about the ACEs - what does “Reymo” on the housing refer to?

As for the Wilds, I really like them. Compared with the ACEs I think they’re pretty similar;

  • In terms of weight, the ACEs sit right between the two Wild variants, despite what the specs say. Stem-to-stem, the “55g” Wild will bottom-out the “60g” ACE with about half its own stem remaining. The same is true of the “60g” ACE when against the “42g” Wild. :man_shrugging:

  • In terms of sound, the W̶i̶l̶d̶s̶ ACESs are deeper and more muted. (Not to say they are quiet - they’re both have a clean, fairly loud clack.) If you listen very closely the Wild’s travel and bottom-out sound are more dry sounding than the ACE’s.

  • In terms of feel, ACEs and Wilds have in-common a smooth operation and satisfying rebound. There might(?) be the tiniest bit more texture in the travel feel of the Wilds, but both are very smooth, solid, stable, and consistent feeling.

Wilds and ACEs are two (three?) of my favorite linears, and by a pretty wide margin. I was mostly into tactiles, but in the past year or so I’ve been using linears in most of my boards, and ACEs have a lot to do with that.

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I can only make guesses about “Reymo,” but it strikes me as a tribute, or shout out to a collaborator/friend especially because of almost comic sans looking font akin to a signature. Doubt it’s the creator’s signature, only the Ace is referred to interchangeably as Reymo (in China) amongst the switches that he’s designed.

Reymo might not necessarily be the friends name, but it’s phonetically similar to a cool sounding Chinese nickname/online handle (it could also be really, really lame depending on the characters used), and the Chinese tend to take english names that sound similar to their own Chinese names. That’s my running theory anyway.

I’d also like to link a few ttc more switches so here goes:

TTC NCR has a V2 now, apparently. Sounds really good. Sadly, no description if lubed or not.

The [TTC Flame Red],(,scm-url:1007.13339.169870.0,pvid:5e716165-ac30-42a9-bee7-b0173b10c10a,tpp_buckets:668%232846%238115%232000&&pdp_ext_f={“sceneId”:“3339”,“sku_id”:“12000024777416375”}) which has an extra long 24.5mm spring. Not dual stage. 45gf actuation; 53gf bottom out; Rebound/return force of 30gf. First time I’ve ever encountered the rebound force metric in an official data sheet so if TTC thought to include it… It might be interesting to see what this would sound and feel like. But, in all honesty, I’d buy this just for that red color. One of the best looking shades of red I’ve ever seen on a switch. Also, in-stock now.

As for tactiles, there’s also the TTC panda collection (same switch. 3 colorways). These TTC tactiles are actually designed(?) by the original runner of the Bsun holy pandas, Beard(胡子). In truth, they are actually referred to as Beard Holy Panda V3(胡子圣熊猫v3). Ttc likely named them panda collection to avoid all that salty holy panda drama.

Moving on…

I’ve been on the fence about the Wilds for awhile now mostly cause I was concerned it would be too similar to the Ace. Safe to say it’s “different” enough for me to just go snag a whole set. I’m currently big on dry feeling switches so this will definitely be a treat. Really appreciate your taking the time to break it down for me :smile:

P.S. TTC Ace is also my favourite switch.

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Thanks for the info and links!

Wilds do feel more “dry” than Aces, I think by virtue of housing material, but they are factory lubed. Competently, I might add - TTC has been impressing me with that.

I love how much information is provided from TTC on that Flame Red listing. I can’t read a word on those images, but the numbers and info-graphics answer most of the questions I would have about the switch.

Gold star for you, TTC. :star:


I need to add an addendum here;

When I was comparing the Wilds and Aces directly, the Wilds sounded deeper to me. As soon as I put them in a tester though, the Aces sounded deeper / more muted compared to the Wilds. The rest of the comparisons still bear-out though.

Tone is probably the hardest thing for me to get a solid read on, since it can change so much depending on what a switch is mounted in, and even how far from your face it is.

I also wanted to mention a franken-combo that you might like, if you like “dry” feeling switches: Bluish White stem in a Cherry linear (I’m sure Gateron KS-3 would work too). It has a round, big-ish top-bump with a little linear travel after, and the Nylon housing gives it plenty of texture.

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I didn’t realize that the Bluish white stem would fit into other switches. Do you need to bring the top with it? Or will it fit into most tops?

As far as I know, all the TTC stems will fit in most housings, except extra-tight ones like Gazzew’s. I’ve put Bluish White stems in all kinds of stuff; they’re great tactile stems.

Lack of imagination on my part never to try it. I do like the bump on the Bluish Whites so I will give it a try in some of the other housings I have lying around.

My apologies in advance for the deep, deep necro bump on this thread, but I finally had a chance to sample a TTC Bluish White switch and liked it much more than I expected when I saw this thread back when it was active.

Has any switch taken this concept and improved on it considerably? I saw that there was the TTC Matrix GB, but other than that switch, has there been any movement on this particular half-dampened concept?


There are the U4Tx switches, I have no experience with them but from what I’ve read here they have an issue of the stem having regular U4 dampeners and the pole being just long enough to reach the bottom, so you might hit the dampeners instead of the pole if you press light enough.

There’s also the JWICK Semi-Silent Linear Switch.

BTW I think reviving old topics is much better than making new posts, it centralizes and gatherers all the info in one topic.


following this topic bc i am building a 980mx with this switch and enjoy it a lot, coming from topre at least. nice lil tactile pop.


I had kind of forgotten about those somehow. It seems like they’re almost the opposite of the Bluish Whites, where the upstroke is dampened but not the downstroke. Thanks for the reminder! I’ll have to check those out as well.

Currently on a tactile quest, but noting this for when I (eventually) get the itch for another linear.

I’m glad to hear you feel that way too; I find it helpful when I search and find The Thread about whatever topic I’m researching at the time.

It seems like there’s decent number of people on this thread who feel that the Bluish Whites are Topre-esque, which considering how nice the Bluish Whites feel to me is really making me wonder if I should give Topre a try…


lfg and reach out if you’re looking for a tkl :wink:

was a recipient of both U4T (plain? not silenced) and TTC BW as possible “topre-like” mx switches and i def liked the BW muuuuch better. U4T tactility was mild, and felt too dampened.


I completely misread your comment, but stumbled on @pixelpusher’s disassembled UT4x photo and understand what you were saying now. They’re an odd duck, aren’t they? Bought a few to sample before dropping $60+ on a full set.

I’ve really liked the U4T (thocky) version, but curious to see if I end up bottoming out the switch or hitting the dampeners more on the UT4x variety. I like a pretty wide range of tactiles, but my favorites all tend to be no pre-travel and long-pole.


I tried the golden blue which is basically the same as blueish white but with click jacket. Feeling was nice but the click wasn’t to my liking(prefer click bar).


Agreed :100:. I always thought most fora’s dislike of reviving old threads was shortsighted and weird. Necrobump away!