What did you get in the mail today? (Part 1)

Finally! My first premium keycaps set! Very excited.

Preliminary test exhibited a deeper, thoccier sound than what I have so far (OEM, Cherry, Tex profile).

Now I need a premium case to go with it :sweat_smile:


Finally got some blue inks in. I’ve been wanting to try them since they were announced and finally ordered some. They’re alright. I’m a bit underwhelmed, but I think I’m just all the way in on thick click switches at this point.


Seems to be the case with most people that have tried clickbar switches, me included. They’re just better in every way in my opinion.


Stock blue inks might be as far as you can take a click jacket, which isn’t very far IMO.

The housings are fantastic for tactile frankenswitching, though - one of my favorite places to put a Halo stem.


Let me clarify, STOCK Snow Whites are similar to L+F creams but the SW’s are much smoother lubed.


I’m also fairly new here, but to better understand relationship of this forum and Drop Dorp, you probably want to read this.


There is also this classic archive. http://www.massdrama.com/

Although I will say that I don’t think Drop is as bad as it was in the past anymore. However I will also state that I have “aged-out” of shopping on Drop so I don’t have as many experiences with them as I used too.


The Dorp references came from a typo I made in a post sometime back and many decided it was a more suitable name for the company.


Now here is something a little different. I took a chance on ordering a NOS KB that was never taken out of its original packaging from ebay. I knew it was mechanical cause it said so on the box & was figuring it would be a Chicony board from the case style, but I had no way of knowing what switches would be in it. I was hoping for SKCM whites or at the far end of pipe dreams SKCM blues. Instead it ended up having Aristotle clickies in it! Probably gonna keep this one all together, but it is definitely cool having a board full of NOS Aristotles!


So, Dorp is this forum’s HODL? :partying_face:


Yes and Shitcoin is HODL’s Assdrop. :smile:


Got some of those 5-pin BSUN transparent pandas from Bolsa in today, not sure what (if anything) I’ll end up using them for (Boba housings being my new fave).

Pitch seems a bit higher than that of either my Invyr pandas or private-buy Clear GSUS panda housings, but they’re also significantly smoother. Unfortunately there seems to be some ping in them, but since you’re almost always gonna be opening them and changing out components I don’t know how much it matters.


While I’d say it’s a mixed bag, I do have to give at least a little credit for improvement.

  • Bad: copyrighting the “Holy Panda” name (just as it’s losing momentum in the community)

  • Good: they actually process exchanges now

I mostly go to Dorp for things I can’t get anywhere else right now - like ABS MT3 keycaps.


Really wish they’d at least allow MT3 sets to run via proxy vendors, since they seem to want to both fully own the profile (fine) and underserve (or not at all serve) countries outside of North America :neutral_face:

It’s frustrating that so many folks in the hobby have to rely on the aftermarket to provide them products Dorp wants to control, and it makes very little sense. Changing that would win them some major goodwill, I think.


So. I’m putting the Kat Alpha set and the space bar is so curved. :frowning:


Marshmallows from a generous keebtalker.

What a pleasant surprise; I wasn’t expecting a whole fresh bag.


They look like you could just squish them.

I’ll definitely be lubing these - especially the spring - but I have to say they are pretty much exactly what I expected from the marketing.

The MP spring does give it a marshmallow-like resistance that starts light and builds as more pillowy aerated sugar - er, spring-coil condenses under the stem.

If anybody has 12-15 more of these they’d be willing to sell or trade, I’m interested.


Got some ‘94 Vintage Blacks, quite a few are scratchy and a few are smooth as butter. This is my first rodeo with vintage switches and it looks like they’re going to need a lot of love to get them ready to go in a build.


I think he was only referring to the sound, not the feel.

I need this.

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soon :slight_smile: