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[EU-RO] [H] GMK 9009 R2 + PBT Spacebars kit, DSA Rainbow set, 100x desoldered Cherry Mx Black, DCS Watster [W] PayPal (1)
[EU-DE][H] TriC 60% [W] PayPal (1)
[EU-DE][H] GMK Hyperfuse [W] PayPal (1)
[ID] [H] YAS62 Barebone [W] Paypal (1)
[US-CA][H] PayPal, love [W] DSA Drifter teal 6.25u space :( (1)
[US-CA][H] PayPal [W] /dev/tty WKL kit (1)
[US-TN] [H] BNIB GMK Muted + Both Accent Kits [W] GMK Camping (5)
[US-TX][H] Artisans, Gherkin Kit[W] PayPal (3)
[US-IL] [H] Artisans (GAF, ETF, Polymer Salon, Bro, Krap) - New Caps, Reduced Prices, pls buy sale caps [W] Trades, PayPal (9)
[US-TN][H] Dark Green Tofu 60% Case [W] Paypal (1)
[US-CA] [H] SA Hyperfuse, Paypal [W] Clueboard Orange, Nuka Cola Green Keycap (1)
[NO] [H] Duck Octagon V2 [W] PayPal, Trades (1)
[NO] [H] Dactyl-ManuForm, ProgresTouch Retro Tiny (66 key, MX Silent Red), DZ60 ISO 5° KBDFans Frosted case, GH60 ISO [W] Paypal, Vipps, Cash (11)
[EU-DK] [H] Vortex Core PCB (clean desoldering) [W] Paypal (or make me an offer) (1)
[ARTISAN] The SPARKLE PONY sale thread - first sale closed - extras up soon (1)
[EU-UK][H] SALE! G80-0312, MY1800+3000, Model M, HHKB 60% Case, Linear Black Alps, MX Stabs [W] PayPal (4)
[US-NM] [H] Paypal [W] 50x Zealios/Tealios (3)
[US-CA] [H] SGI Granite AT101 Damped, Local Cash 95035 (3)
[GIVEAWAY] 1 Year Anniversary Keyboard Sleeves Giveaway and Sale! (1)
[US-MA] [H] Artisans, Verified Paypal [W] ETF Textbook, Key Lime Stax (3)
[GIVEAWAY] Nathan Kim's 2K Celebration Giveaway! (11)
[CA-MB] [H] IBM Model M, Paypal [W] Paypal, HHKB (1)
[EU-UK][H]PayPal[W] LASERBLADE KEYBUTO or other Laser artisans. GMK Solarized Dark (1)
[US-CA][WTB] Miami Dolch Keycaps (6)
[H] M65A Lunar Red, new/unopened GMK [W] PayPal (5)
[US-TX] [H] PayPal [W] Bro ESL Erebus (1)
[US-CA] [H] Vortex Race 3 MX Clears [W] Google Pay, Local Cash, paypal if I have to (1)
[WTB] NightFox Keycaps (5)
[US-FL] [H] Grab Bag Keycaps (SA and DSA) [W] Trades, PayPal (1)